Saukar – Phoenix Deluxe Album Review by Carson C. Lee


The melodies on Saukar’s latest LP “Phoenix Deluxe” were magnificent as it painted an honest picture of an artist grinding through trials and tribulations to establish conscious hip hop music without the bells-and-whistles other rappers cower behind. The flow patterns were dynamic and precise as they were distinctly unique to the instrumentals themselves without becoming too monotonous.

The speed and swiftness were apparent as the lyricism fluctuated in an abstract manner towards the slower tempo portions of the songs with resilience. The rhyme schemes hit hard within each stanza providing an intuitive motion of wordplay compatible with the unified vision of Saukar’s unprecedented style. The songwriting faculties coated thought-provoking metaphors which is a rarity in today’s contemporary music industry and often overlooked by shallow music aficionados.

Furthermore, this displays an endearing conceptualization of rap sound that has been revolutionizing industry standards – Faulty rappers simply cannot get away with as much with a multitude of platforms disseminating meaningful music that reward true talent. The hybrid approach of musicianship is apparent within the music bringing together two eras of hip hop antiquity into a novel form of creative expression that caters to people across the existential spectrum. This distinction was carried out with the use of modern synthesizers ascending listeners on an intrinsic journey from the past into the modern age in the matter of seconds.

The introspective soulful attributes are a constant on this album with lush piano characteristics, string ensembles and brass sections that provide a certain edge to the music. The percussive elements have a robust lo-fi characteristic that endorses a street-like imprint into its infrastructure with fat kick drums and layered snares. The unpredictability was another important component as each composition was like a new experience for the listener while maintaining a confident cohesiveness to Saukar’s vision. The meticulousness of each verse provided a necessary fluctuation to compliment the tonality that apprehended the congruent nature of the music intact. The production qualities hold their own weight within the ruggedness of Golden Age hip hop sound that supports a tonality intrinsic to authentic rap music itself.

This is perhaps the most impressive characteristic to the album as every piece was 100% crafted from scratch with multiple apparatuses to establish this colossal sound without external crutches or sampling. Saukar is true hip hop musician at its fundamental essence and his new album “Phoenix Deluxe” serves as a catalyst for the exciting times to come during this revolutionary era in music.

Track Listing (No Particular Order)

TAKE ME SERIOUS– The deep bass swells on this joint engulf the entire mix in a subtle fashion while supplementing a saturated sounding percussive section that oscillates throughout the composition. In addition, the lyricism establishes a twisted vernacular with complicated wordplay with a focal point of being given a shot in the music industry. The synthesizers sustain efficiently on the instrumental with an additional all-encompassing siren sound that works in a symbiotic manner.

PUT ME IN THE GAME – The distortedly divine instrumentation on this hip hop song displays a gruff tone with thick filtered breaks riding underneath the composition’s bedrock. The entire mix is under this unique cloak of endearing darkness that becomes more resilient once the rapping initiates. The glitchy portions of the track contrasts this grittiness with a considerable amount of shine and sanguinity.

THE WAY I REALLY ACT – The harmonic vocals were an inordinate feature of this song that hit in line with distinct third world instrumental exactness and this constructed duo worked cohesively within Saukar’s composite deliveries. The eastern influence was an extra added touch as it provided major chord progressions that inspired a positive timbre integrated within the composition.

WHEN YOU’RE WITH ME – This single contained an inspirational vibrancy ingrained into the music with a montage-like moniker foundation. The grungy guitar pushes to the forefront of this single with systematic key arpeggios peppered over top. The kick drum delivers an in-your-face facet that cannot be ignored and Saukar lobs haymakers of epic proportions over the track.

REPRISE– The futuristic string transposition on this single with one-shot saturated piano licks barely need a modern instrumental break tempo to be an effective match. The untuned ambient section shape shifts the entire composition giving Saukar the ability to lyrically slaughter the beat as he pleases with no remorse.

THE PHOENIX – The quarter note west coast guitar slides pays homage to the old school music with a tantric and devilish consistency that elevates with the commanding plunges. This was one of the top tracks on the album as it possesses a certain forthright attitude that music heads yearn for with a street-inspired grimy sound set.

I’m GON’ – The aural choir arrangements execute a divine tranquility in the music contrasted with meaty 808s recklessly riding in the midst. The whirly synthesizers act as a flanger that moves throughout the stereo image and creates a captivating experience especially on headphones. This was the perfect song to keep the LP’s momentum as it maintains that relentless aggressiveness predicated on the former track.

YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN – The scourged atmospheric ‘soulscapes’ alter around Saukar’s rhymes in a circular motion as a force field of energy on this single. The rapid and dynamic rimshot sections were automated in accordance to the vacillating breaks – Saukar kept this in line with his consistent flow patterns which systematically unraveled itself contrary to the previous songs further displaying his professional status as a songwriter.

I AM FREE- This track did an exceptional job on this track as it was impressive to see a guest male singer with excellent harmonics resonate towards the concluding songs of this LP. The single mimics preceding compositions with an uplifting hi-end aptitude while keeping the saw-toothed wave forms in accordance to the overarching composition’s intention.

THE SILVER LINING– This kick-off single is a testament to the divine qualities this magnificent artist possesses within the realm of contemporary hip hop. The rhode-style piano paints a subtle descriptive sequence of thick triads that hold to its true nature. As the song matures, more instruments are presented within the collective arrangement further strengthening its effects while maintaining that filthy sound.

INSURPRESSIBLE The minimalist approach to this composition reverts back to bare bones hip hop putting forth a raw distribution of lyricism overlooking simplistic melodies. The title displays the precise reality of this track pushing Saukar’s vivid sceneries as something the hip hop community can no longer suppress & must be received accordingly by authentic rap enthusiasts.

LOOKING 4 SOMETHING BETTER – This track embodies positivity within the rap genre hoping for a better tomorrow while inspiring others to push to their full potentialities. Misfortunes mask the inherent pain embedded deep within this song and it transmutes accurately and successfully to the receptive audience. The bell-delayed slap back coalesces in line with the rap stanzas keeping the single honest and congruent to Saukar’s creative mindset.

LOST IN THE SAUCE – A subterranean respect was given to preceding artists with a short-lived self-created loop that Saukar tore up without missing a single step in performance. This track is relative to the live-concert percussion section with upright bass billows while maintaining the necessary story telling aspects to remain competitive with the other remaining compositions.