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I'm Gon'

from Phoenix Deluxe by Saukar



I done been through a lot
Done seen a whole lot
Done did a whole lot
But I gotta grow though
I'm gon'

So many times that I faced death
So glad God gave me more breath
Live each moment to my best
Everywhere I go I'm feeling fresh
Waiting on folks just ain't gon do
Life's too short to always be blue
Different mindstate than my old crew
Wish them the best but I've got to move
This fish has outgrown the bowl
All new wheels and I need to roll
Hands on the wheel I'm in control
Got a deep feeling inside my soul
There's much more that I need to see
There's much more that I want to be
There's much more so I've got to leave
If it don't work out, don't cry for me
I'm gon'

Take all I got and I don't look back
I'm gon'
(I'm gon, I'm gon, I'm gon')

Faced so much drama it's hard to cope
If I wrote a book I'd never be broke
Feelin like I was at the end of my rope
No matter what I didn't give up hope
I'm still here to change the flow
Take my anger on a different road
Put my energy to what I know
Nobody alive can stop me though
Barely got anyone on my side
They don't understand my need to fly
They don't understand how I stay alive
They don't understand that I'm worldwide
15 years I doubted myself
7 more years I had bad health
All my life been poor in the red
But this is my year. Imma move ahead
I'm gon'


Seen too many people let themselves die
Seen too many people not want to try
Seen too many people give up the fight
But I know there's much more to life
Some people wanna stomp on your dreams
'Cause they life ain't what they want it to be
Maybe it's cause they failed and quit
Or had no support or they go adrift
Don't you listen to what they say
'Cause all they do is take light from the day
So I see no evil. Speak no evil
Hear no evil and ignore people
If you don't want to be part of the dream
You're part of the nightmare that makes us grieve
We can be anything that we believe
You left in the dust while we achieve
We gon'


Homie don't stop your grind
Your grind
Keep on living your life
Your life


from Phoenix Deluxe, released March 1, 2018


all rights reserved



saukar Grand Rapids, Michigan

Saukar is a self taught musician, producer & engineer. Born and Raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Saukar has over 20 years of experience in the music industry.
He has copyrighted over 1500 songs under his own record label and publishing company under Heatholders Music Association. Saukar's ultimate goals are working with artists from different genres to create more motivational positive music.
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