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I'm So Lost

from Saukar & Family by Saukar



You got me lost. I’m out there with astronauts
Feeling weightless... sending you forget-me-nots
In the zone. My heart used to buried in stone
Now it’s free. With you I never feel alone
I’m in daze. I’m blinded by the rays in your soul
All my days & nights you are in total control
For once in life I’m feeling my worth
And when I’m with you (It never hurts) Baby (it never hurts)
Like a fiend I’m hooked. This buzz can’t be shook
You could make me into angel or into a crook
I wanna be your love for a lifetime
Baby, You help me breathe & you’re making my day shine
I think that we’re meant to be cause I can’t really see anything else
If you leave, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself
I can’t picture anything that’s worse.
Cause when you’re with me (It never hurts) Baby (it never hurts)

I love you but I feel like fool
Cause I’m not in control of what I say & do
You got me hypnotized inside of your spell
I feel lost but at least I’m not in I’m in hell
You’re making it easy and love should be easy
I’m wrapped up in happiness from the way that you please me
Don’t ever leave me stuck alone
You’re my song

You got me lost. I need more than map to get on track
GPS couldn’t bring me back and that’s a fact
Opened wide. You’re fillin up the emptiness inside
And I’ll confide in the soul of your touch to get me by
In a dream. It seems unreal to see
That you would be giving all this love to me
I have to be happiest man on earth
Cause when you touch me (it never hurts), Baby (it never hurts)
Twisted up, I crashed in love & I didn’t fall
You pick me up from the sorrow & make me tall
You kiss me much and that’s what I like
When you’re gone I miss you much, and I can’t lie
I’m addicted but they don’t make a patch how I’m fiendin' for ya
I’m ready to change my life and do anything for ya
Being with you completely works
Cause when you kiss me (it never hurts), baby (it never hurts)


Baby you got me lost in your eyes, in your smile in your touch
In your style in the way that you move
We embrace chest to chest, hand in hand, mind to soul
I hope you getting lost in me too
I'm like (ooooh) cause I can never get enough
I'm saying (ooooh). You're an angel from above
I'm saying (ooooh). And it may sound false
But I'm living for your love, baby. (I'm So lost)
I'm like (ooooh) when you kiss me on the lips
I'm like (ooooh). It's like I'm deep in the abyss
I'm saying (ooooh) cause I have never felt like this
(You have into my life and) I ain't gotta wish
You're proof of a heaven. And example of a dream
You see past my flaws and love me as a human being
You make me wana live to be better
I know we (Belong together)

You got me lost (I'm so lost)
Baby, you got me lost (I'm so lost)
Girl, you got me lost (I'm so lost)
You take me away and get me lost (I'm so lost)
I'm in love and yeah, I'm lost (I'm so lost)
I don't care if I'm lost (I'm so lost)
And I never wanna find my way home
You're my song

For so many years I though I'd never find you
You have come into my life and me whole


from Saukar & Family, released February 11, 2007


all rights reserved



saukar Grand Rapids, Michigan

Saukar is a self taught musician, producer & engineer. Born and Raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Saukar has over 20 years of experience in the music industry.
He has copyrighted over 1500 songs under his own record label and publishing company under Heatholders Music Association. Saukar's ultimate goals are working with artists from different genres to create more motivational positive music.
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