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In Your Iris

from Hard Nirvonic by Saukar



I put it in ya. Put it In ya. Put it in ya (x2)
A yo. Let's go

I’m on a higher level so I elevate the game
The party’s levitating while I’m here reaching their brain
Seeing through the third eye. Enriching the vision
A few can change the world with collective intuition
An army of intelligence collides against the ignorance
Shaking up the radio. Causing interference
Restructure the mainframe. Changing your existence
Food, clothing & shelter. No government assistance
My seed produces thought and that opens other portals
A drop of knowledge can make a community immortal
Diligence in action, best believe that I ain’t formal
Trapping is standard but I’m anything but normal
Breaking through the pain. That’s rock against the glass
Furious design. In a future moving fast
Light speed philosophies. Not covered in trash
Shocking your Chakra. Giving you a blast

I put it in your your iris. See my thoughts
Catch on like a virus. To infinity
Rocking yo vicinity. Its all good
Spreading positive energy. You don't believe
So I put it in your Iris. On the plus, love
Nothing is a minus. Serendipity
Gaining some mobility. Keep this Hip-Hop
Moving like a symphony. Best believe

Electric testimonials. 50 words per minute
Expand your mind capacity. Improve your mental fitness
Establish a phenomenon. Acid to the litmus
PH-balanced. Master life in the lyrics
Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding. 1,2,3
4 is for the culture that I eat, live & breathe
The fast food don’t cut it. I need vitamins & minerals
The music that you listen to affects you in the spiritual
I’m cooking it from scratch. Seasoning for taste
No sugar in my fries. Got essentials for your plates
They hungry for that raw. 2000 calories or less
Balanced the nutrition. Herbal funk in your chest
No sticks, or no seeds. The Kush is by the nugget
Take a couple hits. You either hate it or you love it
Even if you crush it, re-engineer or drug it
There is no kind of high that is naturally above it


Master of my realm. Though many won’t concur
True faith is blind and they squint at every word
If they heard with the heart & saw with the spirit
Maybe only then could the detractors really feel it
Can’t see a sonic boom. My motion’s hard to find
Put me on the sonograph and read between the lines
Put me on the 64 slice & check the colors
Know I’m original & can’t be like the others
Don’t keep it undercover cause the truth will set you free
Fallacies are crumbling when I emcee
Paranormal activity. Ghost in the machine
Soul in the hole. Just a funky human being
Refined on my grind. Don’t care about a stigma
Songs that make you groove without glorifying liquor
Pied Piper raps. You should follow with the ball
Yeah I’m speaking deep, I ain't holding back for yall


I put it in ya. Put it In ya. Put it in ya (x3)
I put it in ya. Put it in ya. A, yo.
I put it in your your iris. See my thoughts
Catch on like a virus. To infinity
Rocking yo vicinity. Its all good
Spreading... yo, yo, yo... ha, ha, ha, ha


from Hard Nirvonic, released October 29, 2018


all rights reserved



saukar Grand Rapids, Michigan

Saukar is a self taught musician, producer & engineer. Born and Raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Saukar has over 20 years of experience in the music industry.
He has copyrighted over 1500 songs under his own record label and publishing company under Heatholders Music Association. Saukar's ultimate goals are working with artists from different genres to create more motivational positive music.
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