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Mental Freeze Pt 2

from Hard Nirvonic by Saukar



Bring forth the lyric
Going forth with your destination...You destination in life
And we'll do it one time
We spit it. get it. o

Now Freeze (through out song)
Freeze your mental one time. Don't Stop
Freeze Your mental from the bottom to the top (x2)
M.E.N.T.A.L. Freeze (x4)

This world full of Dr Hyde's & Mr. Jeckyls
Dualities in singularities that special
That's double talk and in the U.S. it's fundamental
Where ignorance of the language is detrimental
When they kill us you know they're barely sentimental
They try to cover it saying its coincidental
We speak about it they say its nonessential
And that its our fault we under-developmental
Maybe murder for them something is experimental
Got us feeling like at any time we're sacramental
The fear they have us intercontinental
How they holding the guns & live so temperamental?
Balanced emotions are seriously monumental
We fight for justice but lose against governmentals
My attitude 100% supplemental
To hurt in my soul but I'm keeping that confidential

Now Freeze (through out song)
Freeze your mental one time. Don't Stop
Freeze Your mental from the bottom to the top (x2)
M.E.N.T.A.L. Freeze (x3)
Big up now. Big up now. BWAH!!

Can't get a job cause I don't have the right credentials
And my work history ain't never been sequential
Instead of partying I chill in residentials
Observing the world seeking out my potential
Trying to provide as a man be beneficial
I can gain by sharing something influential
In this world those dividends are exponential
Maybe my thoughts can be groomed to componential
I'm sick holing on to all of these instrumentals
Gotta connect & be more self-referential
I ain't the only one who's feeling so resentful
There ain't movement, I need to be existential
Something s telling me the future's providential
If darkness is less, than the light is all torrential
Attempting to make my visions omnipresential
Cause making it through the struggle is an adventure

We came to freeze one time for our mind (x3)
Let it all go & watch it all shine
M.E.N.T.A.L. Freeze (x2)
BWAH!! BWAH!! BWAH!! Get down
Big up! Big up! Come on

A yo. let me take you to 20 years ago when I first made this

My name is Fat and I don't need no introduction
All I want is the mike and the percussion
I take my time while all of yall niggas be rushing
My spirit's strong and that shit ain't up for discussion
We got yall bobbing to this raggedy production
My niggas Ku & J & P be steady busting
Now if you want it bring your cash with no reluctance
Punk MC's getting lost in dirty substance
Bringing the real for all my Hip-Hop mutha fuckas
Smoking weed and drinking shit. Potheads and lushes
I pack the bowl because I don't waste time with Dutches
I stick it in the whole and look at how ti plushes
Spitting the raps to keep your mentals in our clutches
Our shit is hot and burns anything that it touches
Northstar is coming to break down your rules & structures
We rip, we tear, we lacerate, we leave it ruptured
Now freeze


from Hard Nirvonic, released October 29, 2018


all rights reserved



saukar Grand Rapids, Michigan

Saukar is a self taught musician, producer & engineer. Born and Raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Saukar has over 20 years of experience in the music industry.
He has copyrighted over 1500 songs under his own record label and publishing company under Heatholders Music Association. Saukar's ultimate goals are working with artists from different genres to create more motivational positive music.
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