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from Saukar & Family by Saukar



The function of the microphone’s to amplify the voice
And what the sound encompasses is clearly the speaker’s choice
With no further a due, I’m about to MC
Representing Gunru, Mr Fat Daddy

I want R E S P E C T
When I step in the P L A C E
I want R E S P E C T
Cause I do my T H I N G (x2)

Everybody pay attention I’m about to speak
Don't worry. I'mma say on point with the beat
You can call me the worst, You can call me the best
But not matter what you say, I still get my respect
I’m still paying my dues. Still breaking the rules
Still rocking for my homies. Too determined to lose
Other people fell off, but I keep getting better
The world put me in pieces but I put together
Now I’m here. Standing strong. And you thought I would fall
I done changed but I still got love for all
Every breath that I take and every move that I make
Is for the music that I love. You can see in my face
That ain’t nobody stopping me. I’m 10 years deep
MCin is beleiving & my life has a beat
They ask what done gotten into me. Saukar done changed
I’m grown up. Why you think you a father figure’s my name?


That means when we conversate don’t interrupt when I talk
Shake my hand or give me dap. Don’t be brushing me off
You can leave me with the kids, you know they’ll be fine
If they don’t what I say, I’m beat they behind
The bills get paid. So don’t be thinking I’m slacking
If you don’t like how I do it, get yo ass to packing
When I’m mad, leave me alone. I ain’t talking for nothing
You don’t wanna see the wrath. Someone might get a concussion
Keep my name out yo mouth if you talking the drama
Playing games ain’t even cool. That’s a form of dishonor
If I’m helping you out, I don’t want nothing back
But don’t you ever in your take advantage of that
I work in my own time. I don’t jump when you speak
If I’m in a relationship, I ain’t looking for freaks
What go around come around. 360 degrees
That’s what I do, but can you do it for me?


Yo the times have been rough. Ain't nobody we can trust
The general population done had enough
We get lied to on a regular. It don't even register
You gotta watch your back for loved ones and competitors
The children are the future but most of the future's crazy
Pill popping, booty dropping, smart mouth babies
he grown-ups ain't no better. Most of them coked up
Only care about themselves or really don't give a fuck
We've been taught that greed is good and love comes and goes
Forget being a doctor. be a pimp or a hoe
And when you see someone naive it's better to deceive
And get what you can while the sucker still breathes
I ain't trying to change your thoughts, your opinions and actions
This cold, cold, world might bring you satisfaction
But Imma do thing and it ain't none of the above...
Hold my head up high and not afraid to give love

That's L to the O to the V to the E
I can give it you but can you give it me
Because the L to the O to the V to the E
Starts with R E S P E C T (x2)


from Saukar & Family, released February 11, 2007


all rights reserved



saukar Grand Rapids, Michigan

Saukar is a self taught musician, producer & engineer. Born and Raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Saukar has over 20 years of experience in the music industry.
He has copyrighted over 1500 songs under his own record label and publishing company under Heatholders Music Association. Saukar's ultimate goals are working with artists from different genres to create more motivational positive music.
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