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Hard Nirvonic

by Saukar

Heaven 01:55
VERSE: You’re the heaven & the stars where the angels take root You’re image of a God that made you to be true You’re a piece of the universe. A planet to yourself You’re a galaxy. You’re a black hole where’s nothing’s left You’re the earth & the sky and the water that surrounds You are heat, you are ice, you are sight, you are sound You are birds. You are bees. You are fish in the seas You are dinosaurs that came to this planet BC You are Kush, You are Israel. India & more You ‘re every continent that man chooses to explore You are hate. You are love & all emotions in between You are kind. You are patient. You’re bubbling at the seams You're slavery & freedom. You are poor. You are rich You’re a push. And a punch. You're a hug & a kiss You are here. You are there. You are everywhere at once You are the present and the past and what future will become You are greatness in a bag. You are weak. You are strong You’re a hurricane. A typhoon. You’re calm through the storm You’re a bear, you’re a fawn, you’re a city & a village You’re a stone, You’re a diamond, you are flowers in the spirit You’re the chicken & the egg, You're cloth. You're steel You're everything that's fake & everything you that's real You are cries, you are laughter. You are pain. You are peace You are trees. You are caves. You are houses. You are streets You ‘re a train & and a plane. You're car & a boat You are thunder, you are lighting, you are rain, You are snow You are nasty defecation. You are a fresh spring You’re destruction and creation. You’re solo and a team You’re a man made design. You are natural & pure You are the disease and you are the cure You’re a sinner. You're a blessed. You words you are thoughts You are life. You are death. Every dimension that you cross
INTRO: This is for my homie Armani & my cousin Odie. What up? VERSE: I'm living on a promise that was served like an omen Men don't rock the boat, they just keep on stroking Death keeps you aware. Hunger makes you strive Fear makes you strong. And pain keeps you alive No acrobatic flips or gymnastics in your stereo You can break nuts to my beat like pistachios Undeniable. Keep the LEDs glistening 24-7. Yours truly keep em listening Breaking out the box. Champagne pop the cork. Real Hip-Hop that derived from New York This Midwest provider hunting Bambis on the wire Get the ATVs & The streetcar named Desire There is no paramount cause I smash the sedimentary Rock underneath what them suckas said I'm meant to be Sunshine in my pocket that can cause an epiphany Diamond in the ruff. You wont catch me at Tiffany's Put em on the glass. Let me see your reaction Lyrical indulgence. Call it satisfaction Blasting in the Bluetooth. Streaming my existence Hot in my 40s cause Im weather resistant Jalapeno tongue cheek. Spices in thr muscle Coming from the land where Floyd Mayweather hustled And Debarges' rode the White Pony off into the the sunset Now Gunru is the new Medical Project Gentrified the projects. The rich get the offsets Lookout point you can oversee the process Hear me loud & clear. The def feel the echoes A baritone in a room of falsettos Assassinate the mic. But I'm killing for a purpose They wanna keep me underground just beneath the surface Potholes in my Lawn. So Im digging in the Crates Jewel of the Nile. That's my wisdom in a shape CHORUS On the Eve of destruction when the world pay the cost I pull out the pen & make a path for the lost (*4) Infrared thoughts, put em down like a boss
VERSE 1: In the city where its gritty & street's hot. Even the blessed gotta cum up in the G spot Perversion's a diversion. Intentions for interventions will make a prostitute out of a virgin Conversations with Persians Subliminal head shots from red dots Will split u like a surgeon Be at at peace when in the belly of the beast Your energy release could make u live or be deceased Seeing temporary positions in all things Exercising my wisdom to elevate & maintain Gotta manage my habits. Updating my tablets Like a revolving door while the public keep taking shots at it Let me split this equation. Break it down to last compound with immediate patience I ain't here to multiply to what they adding I subtract the division to the highest power of action... CHORUS 1: Just so you Know That I know what you think you do Just so you know You don't know what you think you do Just so you know We can all learn a thing or two It ain't about the language used Listen how I sing my blues (x2) VERSE 2: With no permission my premonition is reminiscing When Gods penned truth to push devils out existence They say my format is way too basic They keep asking for J's and but I keep feeding 'em K-swiss But them stripes go with anything you adorn Keeping change in your pocket to feed your 1st born Survival is a test of endurance Completion is met when all sides are congruent I'd rather write in melancholy than fake jolly Ain't enough money to make me hustle the lodi dodi Who like to party in deceit? Folly than retreat? Once you taste butcher's blood is hard to beat the meat Master your bating. Control your patience You can rise in power now or gain power by waiting But you'd rather live fast & die young Appetite for destruction makes you prey for anyone.. CHORUS 2: Do you Know That I know what you think you do Do you know You don't know what you think you do Do you know We can all learn a thing or two It ain't about the language used Listen how I sing my blues (x2) VERSE 3: I'm asthmatic but don't breathe dramatics Let me nebulize with you the funk to make it aromatic Black Ice in the ride. Inhale the freedom inside Kid tested, mother approved for the way that I ride Unclogging your tubicles. Flipping your Rubic's cube Untwisting your pretzel. Putting the cool in you No side effects when I interject my intellect My Private practice official. Check on the internet 5 stars show that my customers love the usage And all reviews are simultaneously conclusive An exclusive to your part of globe 24-7 for you to stream & download Multiple forms of payment to make it process Credit card, Paypal or Bitcoin, Imma gonna progress Satisfaction is guaranteed in the sound This advertisement is approved by the underground CHORUS 3: Now you Know That I know what you think you do Now you know You don't know what you think you do Now you know We can all learn a thing or two It ain't about the language used Listen how I sing my blues (x2)
In Your Iris 03:48
INTRO: I put it in ya. Put it In ya. Put it in ya (x2) A yo. Let's go VERSE 1: I’m on a higher level so I elevate the game The party’s levitating while I’m here reaching their brain Seeing through the third eye. Enriching the vision A few can change the world with collective intuition An army of intelligence collides against the ignorance Shaking up the radio. Causing interference Restructure the mainframe. Changing your existence Food, clothing & shelter. No government assistance My seed produces thought and that opens other portals A drop of knowledge can make a community immortal Diligence in action, best believe that I ain’t formal Trapping is standard but I’m anything but normal Breaking through the pain. That’s rock against the glass Furious design. In a future moving fast Light speed philosophies. Not covered in trash Shocking your Chakra. Giving you a blast CHORUS: I put it in your your iris. See my thoughts Catch on like a virus. To infinity Rocking yo vicinity. Its all good Spreading positive energy. You don't believe So I put it in your Iris. On the plus, love Nothing is a minus. Serendipity Gaining some mobility. Keep this Hip-Hop Moving like a symphony. Best believe VERSE 2: Electric testimonials. 50 words per minute Expand your mind capacity. Improve your mental fitness Establish a phenomenon. Acid to the litmus PH-balanced. Master life in the lyrics Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding. 1,2,3 4 is for the culture that I eat, live & breathe The fast food don’t cut it. I need vitamins & minerals The music that you listen to affects you in the spiritual I’m cooking it from scratch. Seasoning for taste No sugar in my fries. Got essentials for your plates They hungry for that raw. 2000 calories or less Balanced the nutrition. Herbal funk in your chest No sticks, or no seeds. The Kush is by the nugget Take a couple hits. You either hate it or you love it Even if you crush it, re-engineer or drug it There is no kind of high that is naturally above it CHORUS VERSE 3: Master of my realm. Though many won’t concur True faith is blind and they squint at every word If they heard with the heart & saw with the spirit Maybe only then could the detractors really feel it Can’t see a sonic boom. My motion’s hard to find Put me on the sonograph and read between the lines Put me on the 64 slice & check the colors Know I’m original & can’t be like the others Don’t keep it undercover cause the truth will set you free Fallacies are crumbling when I emcee Paranormal activity. Ghost in the machine Soul in the hole. Just a funky human being Refined on my grind. Don’t care about a stigma Songs that make you groove without glorifying liquor Pied Piper raps. You should follow with the ball Yeah I’m speaking deep, I ain't holding back for yall CHORUS I put it in ya. Put it In ya. Put it in ya (x3) I put it in ya. Put it in ya. A, yo. I put it in your your iris. See my thoughts Catch on like a virus. To infinity Rocking yo vicinity. Its all good Spreading... yo, yo, yo... ha, ha, ha, ha
INTRO: I need all my people to stand up, man Detroit, Flint, Lansing, Ann Arbor, Muskegon, Battle Creek, K-Zoo, Saginaw stand up man (GUNRU!) Cant forget Chi-town, Milwaukee, Green Bay, Minneapolis, St Louis, Ferguson, Jenison Kansas City, Wichita, Omaha, Des Moines, Fargo, Toledo, South Bend, Dayton, Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Gary, Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Lets show em how we do, man. CHORUS 1: No ice on my neck. I’m sophisticated Giving love to the kids. I’m sophisticated Get that drama outta here. I’m sophisticated Nose ain’t in the air, but I’m elevated Imma show you how we move Imma show you how we move Imma show you how we groove You know, you like how we do   VERSE 1: Yeah I got luxurious taste But it ain’t nothing compared to my impervious faith In my past I was prone to catching a case Impatient. Now I’m prone to catching the pace I evolved. Running 'til I finish the race Better health physically & emotional state In troubled times my mind’s in a serenity place No suit & ties. My class is fully clothed in the grace I'm From the Ru. Where everybody blunt with their speech Melting pot. Segregated by the powers that be I keep it cool. The world always giving us heat They say I'm slow. Really I'm just feeling the beat Moving around. Trying to spread the love I got Midwest. Where we make our own hip-hop We work hard. Most of us keep reaching for life Living simple. Trying to keep the family tight, man. CHORUS 2: No ice on my neck. I’m sophisticated Giving love to the kids. I’m sophisticated Get that drama outta here. I’m sophisticated Nose ain’t in the air, but I’m elevated Imma show you how we move Imma show you how we move Imma show you how we groove You know, you like how we do Keep my house so clean. I’m sophisticated No brand names on my jeans. I’m sophisticated Feeling good, living free. I’m sophisticated Got my feet on the ground, but I’m elevated Imma show you how we move Imma show you how we move Imma show you how we groove You know, you like how we do VERSE 2: And I must confess That for some we can't thrive until leave the Midwest We break out to find a path that fits us best The creative types only come home to rest Its all love. Imma hold it down for the team Living modest. Never outside of my means Forget the club, I’d rather chill at the crib Or go bowling. Family stuff to do with the kids Or call the homies. For weed & a bottle of Boones Clear nights. Firepits under the moon Through the years. Inseparable, we stay as a crew Eating together. Cause that's what a family do Not on my own, no matter where I be It ain’t perfect, but I walk the perfect path for me East coast got the hustle. West Coast got the stars Dirty South got the Pride, but Midwest got heart, man CHORUS 3: No ice on my neck. I’m sophisticated Giving love to the kids. I’m sophisticated Feeling good, living free. I’m sophisticated Got my feet on the ground, but I’m elevated Imma show you how we move You know, you like how we do For real
INTRO: Let me get on my podium and speak to the people VERSE 1: My people mad. They people pissed Yet we live together within all of this A lot of pointing fingers. A lot of emotion A lot of mistrust. Nobody staying open Another mass shooting at a concert & a church We both got love ones resting in the dirt Just to disagree. Can anybody see The hate is only thing that kills you & me? Some are barely rich. Some are barely poor Some are inside. Some are knocking at the door Through all differences, through all of the pain No one will except that basically we are the same We can't stay the same. Something's gotta change We keep on fighting with still nothing to gain This ain't no kumbaya. At least not yet Until both sides can forgive & respect CHORUS: We're all the same inside We need to be on common ground right now But all we do is fight We need to be on common ground right now We are both wrong & right We need to be on common ground right now Let's move on with our life We need to be on common ground right now VERSE 2: I wish I could fully extend my arms To give love back like I was taught when I was born But people will hug you, and stab you in the back History has taught us a lot about that Those are just the facts. Should I take the risk Or is it really better to solve problems with my fists Yell, cuss & scream at another human being The division is felt even though it's unseen It's getting obscene. I wanna close my eyes I wanna close my ears. All this I despise It so unwise. My heart's so conflicted We can't unify. Our cultures restrict it I'll go about my business & keep to myself But when it goes down, I'm gonna need some help Love thy neighbor but we can't even speak Without all the judgment and judgement makes us weak CHORUS VERSE 3: We in the same town. Shop at the same stores Work at the same jobs. Walk on the same floors We all bleed red. Breathe from the same sky And eventually one day we all gonna die But we barely try to sit at the same table Got our own agendas. Acting unstable We rather let the fables of the past fill our heart The race can't advance until it makes a start You got different beliefs. You got different skin You different ways, let's not pretend But do my ways offend what you do so much Or is it just yall don't know enough about us Take a little time. Open your mind That goes for us too. Let's not be confined Cause we alive in Garden of creation We should live together & not in separation CHORUS ENDING: Our life We need to be on common ground right now Our life We need to be on common ground right now We are one people We need to be on common ground right now We are one people, yeah
INTRO: I don't care which one you talk about...Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad... They gangsta. Cause they got a group of people to go against the system until they death. What's more gangster than that? Think about it. (Because gangstas don't die.... die) VERSE 1: African soul. German Engineering Asian awareness. Native perseverance. Tribal hungers in rhythm. Humanistic-ally driven. I'm not a color, I'm all experiences living That's bigger than religion. More like metaphysics. Equations in my architecture, none are scientific. In out of traffic. Parallel dimensions. Have to learn to navigate through negative intentions My inventions spark persistence. So call me motivation. Your independence's existence depends on inspiration Liberation of the written word. Getting served a chewable Deliverance is a right no matter what they do to you. This the Nebuchadnezzar. That means you unplugged This Heatholder Intended to Hit you in the mug To let you know there ain't no spoon, So soldiers grab your tool kits Its about time to knock the sentinels off the pulpits CHORUS: As long as I'm alive than the truth I shall abide What go around come around. We all prophesize Buddha is the light. Jesus is alive. Mohammad is a savior & Gangstas don't die (x2) VERSE 2: They say the meek shall inherit what is left But only after the evils have decimated all the flesh They keep pushing holocaust because they lack vision Only intelligence can rid ignorance of its position Only love can conquer hate. That's why opposites attract They wanna make us great by making us combat That's why all kingdoms fall & all kings die You can see the system if you use your your 3rd eye Realize all the hate and division that's around That's part of hell's cycle perpetrated on the ground When guns get laid down, we might move up a notch. Until then, I guard mine with a Heckler & Koch Cause we murder to survive. I'm reflecting what I see No matter how big the mirror they won't see the God in me Or my Hindu mind state or my Muslim undertone Cause true religion is to eat & to keep the lights on CHORUSX2 VERSE 3: With my criminal record you refuse to hear my spirit If I don't assimilate I might just go to prison Have me locked all in chains cause they frightened of my brain My people stay in war cause you frightened of a change Suddenly I recognize that my pen is the sword And my speech is the power given to me from the Lord That's a blessing in a disguise, cause I'm from the underground And no weapon formed against me can ever take me down Freedom goes around legal interpretations As long I'm breathing my life is a nation My blood is the rivers. My body is the land My thoughts are the mountains & the weather is my hands The oceans are the karma & that's deep beyond measure My breath is the air that puts this whole world together The forest of humanity gives life to all that Even if you cut it down, it will always grow back CHORUSX4
INTRO: They like "Saukar, why you like it to sound so dirty?" Because I like i dirty. Yeah VERSE 1: They looking at me like I'm messing they money up Give 'em some time. I knwo they gon' be running up I take it as a compliment. That means I'm coming up They think I'm doing good. I don't think I've done enough They've got guidelines. It's time somebody crossed them Married to ignorance. It's time someone divorced them They go so hard. It's time for them to soften They cold as ice? Well it's time to defrost them They sya I'm sidelien hating. Ain't even in the game They say my diet need carrots. Ain't even got no chains They say my garden need hoes.. stop being so lame hey say it's their time and that won't ever change It's a man's world and you so immature Blowing money fast but people around you poor You say you sick but don't wanna find a cure You still selling that stepped on. It ain't pure CHORUS: I keep it raw. That's how I want it Speaking the truth from the night 'til the morning You know it's good. Stop hating on it That Fat funk. That Hard Nirvonic (x2) VERSE 2: I ain't focused on the talk. Talk is focused on me I be letting it pass but they won't let it be They looking for flaws like they ain't got none at all We on different levels and them... they're just scared to fall They've got nothing to lose or do they see nothing to gain? Hoping I drown in my sorrows while they spitting that flame Opinions before I leave and hatred after I came I guess I'm always on they mind. That's a damn shame Like I'm supposed to apologize fo what I'm feeling Like my mistakes give them grounds for being conceded Like I'm supposed to hide my vision and never see it Like I'm supposed to say I'm faithful but not belieive it I ain't saying I'm the winner, but I'm far from a loser It's greater later. I'll miss it if it came any sooner Either you jealous or mad 'cause you don't know what you doin. Instead of talking pay attention and learn some improvements. CHORUS
INTRO: Yes Bring forth the lyric Going forth with your destination...You destination in life And we'll do it one time We spit it. get it. o CHORUS: Now Freeze (through out song) Freeze your mental one time. Don't Stop Freeze Your mental from the bottom to the top (x2) M.E.N.T.A.L. Freeze (x4) VERSE 1: This world full of Dr Hyde's & Mr. Jeckyls Dualities in singularities that special That's double talk and in the U.S. it's fundamental Where ignorance of the language is detrimental When they kill us you know they're barely sentimental They try to cover it saying its coincidental We speak about it they say its nonessential And that its our fault we under-developmental Maybe murder for them something is experimental Got us feeling like at any time we're sacramental The fear they have us intercontinental How they holding the guns & live so temperamental? Balanced emotions are seriously monumental We fight for justice but lose against governmentals My attitude 100% supplemental To hurt in my soul but I'm keeping that confidential CHORUS 2: Now Freeze (through out song) Freeze your mental one time. Don't Stop Freeze Your mental from the bottom to the top (x2) M.E.N.T.A.L. Freeze (x3) Big up now. Big up now. BWAH!! VERSE 2: Can't get a job cause I don't have the right credentials And my work history ain't never been sequential Instead of partying I chill in residentials Observing the world seeking out my potential Trying to provide as a man be beneficial I can gain by sharing something influential In this world those dividends are exponential Maybe my thoughts can be groomed to componential I'm sick holing on to all of these instrumentals Gotta connect & be more self-referential I ain't the only one who's feeling so resentful There ain't movement, I need to be existential Something s telling me the future's providential If darkness is less, than the light is all torrential Attempting to make my visions omnipresential Cause making it through the struggle is an adventure CHORUS 3: We came to freeze one time for our mind (x3) Let it all go & watch it all shine M.E.N.T.A.L. Freeze (x2) BWAH!! BWAH!! BWAH!! Get down Big up! Big up! Come on BRIDGE: A yo. let me take you to 20 years ago when I first made this VERSE 3: My name is Fat and I don't need no introduction All I want is the mike and the percussion I take my time while all of yall niggas be rushing My spirit's strong and that shit ain't up for discussion We got yall bobbing to this raggedy production My niggas Ku & J & P be steady busting Now if you want it bring your cash with no reluctance Punk MC's getting lost in dirty substance Bringing the real for all my Hip-Hop mutha fuckas Smoking weed and drinking shit. Potheads and lushes I pack the bowl because I don't waste time with Dutches I stick it in the whole and look at how ti plushes Spitting the raps to keep your mentals in our clutches Our shit is hot and burns anything that it touches Northstar is coming to break down your rules & structures We rip, we tear, we lacerate, we leave it ruptured Now freeze
INTRO: 1,2,1,2 Yeah Uh-huh Let me tell you how I feel CHORUS: For You For you, baby I can't stop the love (x2) For you VERSE 1: You ain’t even like me when we first met I didn’t have enough game to get your respect But you were that apple of my eye I couldn’t neglect Plus you had this biggest ass I’d never forget You were out there & didn’t care what people said So outspoken I thought you could raise the dead In the fast lane, tell how it is The world wasn’t ready for hot smart ghetto bitch I just stayed in my lane & tried to learn you So many sides that you had, nobody burned you You made a lot of old heads mad Cause you came off disrespectful but that’s all that you had You was representing those with no voice And if nobody liked it, that was they choice I was too young as far as trying to get wit ya I just played it by the ear and hoped you got the picture CHORUS VERSE 2: It was kind of foul you ignored me I went out of my way to show you I wasn’t boring Finally got the chance to take you out I leaned in for a kiss, but you had to break out There was money calling your name I ain’t mad, the world is big, & I ain't scared of change It didn’t matter cause I lived by your gospel No matter where you went or what you did, I said I got you You became our generation I just wanted to spread your words to the nation I even had a local crew From different backgrounds all representing you The air was getting different You started leaving old ways for the new ways of business And as time flew by with the cash You cared less about the hood & started losing your ass For real? Damn CHORUS VERSE 3: You had some enemies. Part of you was dying You got too hard & bullets started flying In retrospect, its like when you got shot You felt like it was okay to drugs in the spot The block was hot & you felt the need to party Drinks, pills, lean, getting faded with everybody I wasn't there & you said I didn’t matter Anything I said to you was just chit chatter It’s like you got all superficial But you still like it when I try to get with you Now you on a diet, looking all skinny No more baby fat, you all Cosmo & pretty When I see you, you talked all mumbled Discoherented, words all jumbled Sounding just like a fiend What I need to do to get you back on my team? BRIDGE: No matter where you been, what you do Or what happened to hurt you girl Imma still get you back We all make mistakes & I know That even though in you in a different world Your love is where its at Oh baby (x4) oooh wee
CHORUS: I my thoughts, get a glimpse of the scene You can see what I mean Like an old school whip out the bath looking clean Lowridin' mean Ease back in the flow. Autopilot the machine With a gangsta lean In you old school whip with a bag full of green Lowridin' mean VERSE 1: Sitting in the whip. I'm leaned real low Got gas in the tank but nowhere to go Rollin on the streets. Blowing smoke I the air Smelling like ganja but I just don't care Under the speed limit when I hit them curbs Ain't looking trouble. Just easing my nerves Got good music on & they don't say much But I cant really feel it till I turn the bass up CHORUS VERSE 2: Roll up. Roll out Hit the flame. No doubt Inhale. Let It out Feeling good. No doubt Keep rolling. Don't stop Just ride. No doubt (x2) CHORUS VERSE 2 CHORUS VERSE 3: I'm in the ride. Getting high Rollin slow. Driving by Feeling Good. Feeling nice Leaning back. Feeling right I'm in the ride. Getting high Rollin slow. Driving by Feeling Good. Feeling nice Leaning back. Its so right CHORUS VERSE 3
Beautiful Me 04:05
INTRO: Monday, Monday What a glum day for real Just trying to find my light Cause I lost it Trying to find my way Trying to find my way VERSE 1: In the eye of the beholder is a whole dimension And attractiveness is on a sliding scale of existence I used to stare at Jet beauties of the week Trying to make a goal out of what someone else sees When I look down, I see immature faults Things I wish I could change to satisfy my thoughts How can I grasp my expectations If I'm not good enough for my own sensations? I let the world curb my enthusiasm Basing my perception off the popular attraction Yeah, I knew it was negative But intentions so large must've been for the betterment, right? Playing catch-up. Always feeling behind Rearranging myself... until I can't be recognized Keeping up is exhausting I had to take a step back and see that opinions are caustic CHORUS: This world try to break you down constantly And the sadness can burn like a 3rd degree When I look into the mirror, I remember to see The beautiful me. The beautiful me Fear of the world is just not healthy You gotta be the best you were meant to be No matter if you scarred, than u got to see A beautiful me. A beautiful me VERSE 2: Horses for courses. Bentleys & porches Don't really mean a thing if you remain thoughtless We all models strutting on this runway Trying to light the night with our brightness all day So what is average? Greatness we all have it An oasis of blessings if we choose to try & tap it Every blade of grass is part of the picture The trees & mountains can't survive if nothing lifts em up I see the beauty of simplicity It's any not different than awe of complexity The atmosphere of unbelief can cause grief to most Knowing there is foccaia but we settle for toast Got me thinking I'm a failure On a scale of finances that I'm unable to measure I asked my wife if I was good enough to love She told me that my hugs were a gift from above CHORUS VERSE 3: They told me was I was ugly In the mirror, I see beautiful me They told me I'm full of stupidity In the mirror, I see beautiful me They told me I 'm poor & just should give up In the mirror, I see beautiful me They told me, I would never be enough All I can see is beautiful me I see a black man with the heart of a child Who can deal with chaos but hasn't forgot to smile Who has made some bad choices but stays on the right track Who may struggle at times but always fights back I see my the face of my Dad & the eyes of Grandfather I see muscles that I built because I want to be stronger I see myself in the reflection. How can I hate what God crafted? So If the world doesn't value me, it really doesn't matter It doesn't matter It doesn't mater It doesn't mater Beautiful Me Beautiful me CHORUS


A new album from Grand Rapids' Michigan's own regional producer with a laid back flow and thought provoking lyrics.


released October 29, 2018

Composed, Produced, Engineered, Arranged & Mastered By Saukar for Heatholders Music Association


all rights reserved



saukar Grand Rapids, Michigan

Saukar is a self taught musician, producer & engineer. Born and Raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Saukar has over 20 years of experience in the music industry.
He has copyrighted over 1500 songs under his own record label and publishing company under Heatholders Music Association. Saukar's ultimate goals are working with artists from different genres to create more motivational positive music.
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